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Winterreise Songs & Places is an exploration of Schubert’s iconic song cycle where different spaces intersect in order to create a new and interesting Performance. Real Time visuals generated with video games + surround music based on urban field recordings + Schubert’s Winterreise lyrical part = Winterreise Songs and Places. The originality of this piece comes not only from the mixture of these different mediums but also comes from the interpretation of the original Winterreise. Rather than focus on “a subtle journey to death” we decided to explore the ideas of intoxication, psychedelia and “the broken heart” situated on a landscape that is a “desert” generated from a picture of Schubert’s face. Sonically, our intention was to create spaces rather than reproducing the original piano score, so we can immerse the audience on a variety of psychological states. As a performance, there is only soprano on stage, who provides a voice and a body that tells a story without acting it.

Winterreise Songs and Places is a collaboration between Victor Morales (visuals), Ulrike Sowodniok (voice and performance) and Hannes Strobl (Music). This piece was premiered at the Festspielhaus St. Pölten in Austria on October 15, 2010.

HD 10 minutes Excerpt (Auf dem Flusse)

The chair is the main symbol that we use in this piece. Empty chair = heartbreak, loneliness, journey, meditation, drunkenness, delirium.


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