Artists’ Bios and Contact

Artists’ Bios

Victor Morales

born in Venezuela, received a Law Degree from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, in Caracas, in 1990. During his time there he was an active member of the University Theater Group, where he directed several plays, including writing and directing Mueca 23, for which he won the New Director’s Prize in the Festival de Teatro Para La Ciudad (Caracas).

Based in New York City since 1991, he completed a Master’s degree in Technology Applied to the Arts at New York University’’s Gallatin Division, in 1992. He is a director, performer and designer, whose work includes video animation and design, text, sound design, and movement. Since 2003 he has been obsessed with the art of video game modifications and has implemented different game engines into most of the works he has participated in or created.

In 1992 he worked at the Wooster Group, as a video assistant to Chris Kondek. Later he began collaborating with Kondek (as a video designer and performer) in works such as: The Monkey King (2001), Dead Cat Bounce (2003) (Winner at Politic im Friem Theater, 2005), and Hier Ist the Apparat (2006), which were produced in Germany and the Netherlands, and regularly touring Europe. In 2001 he began collaborating with Joseph Silovsky (Designer/Collaborator Builder’s Association), producing several performance works together in New York including a Fish and a Shoe… Looking Back (Down) (2005), A Day of Leisure (2004), and Zero Mark Zero (2001).  On September 2008 he was the video game designer/programmer for Baghdad Brennt at Theater Freiburg and produced the video design for AUTO by Gesine Dankwart, at the Hau Eins in Berlin (January 2009), also in 2009 he produced 4 solo shows along with the video designs for “Ich Cyborg”and “Die Brüder Lowenherz” at theater Freiburg; He was the artist in residence at the Festspielhaus St. Pölten, Austria  (2009-2010), where he produced video designs for  the Tonkunsler Orchestra and the new opera “Playzero” by Wolfgang Mitterrer. In the commercial world he has worked as a moving graphics designer for many TV stations and designer houses such as MTV, The Attik, NBC, Nth degree, Rust Company, and Post Works in NYC.

His solo work consists of an exploration of video game engines as simulation environments, where death and physics are transformed into dramatic and comedic real time performance. He has performed a number of his solo shows at Performance Space 122, The Little Theater in New York City, The Collapsable Hole in Brooklyn and at Gessner Allee in Zurich, Theater Freiburg and The Hau in Berlin. He is currently settled in Berlin.

Ulrike Sowodniok

lives and works in Berlin since 1991. Singer, voice paedagogue, voice anthropologist, sound artist. Artistic research in new ways of „Liedinterpretation“ in connection with urban soundscape. Since 1994 teacher in „Lichtenberger® angewandte Stimmphysiologie“ (practical physiology of the voice). Since 2008 teaching „angewandte Stimmanthropologie“ (practical voice anthropology) at the department of ZIW (Central Institute for Postgraduate Studies) including Sound Studies at the University of the Arts (UdK) in Berlin.

Latest selected concerts, publications and sound art:

2010 U-Bahn-Geräusch-Chor (Underground-Noise-Choir) NGBK (New society of the fine arts) Berlin with Grit Ruhland, 2010 „Winterreise – synthetic landscapes“ Festspielhaus St. Pölten (Austria) with Victor Motales and Hannes Strobl, 2009 „Hausklang“ (Sound of the House) Performance-Lecture at Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin (House of Worldcultures) with Sam Auinger u.a., 2009 „Musik und Innovation“ (Music and Innovation) Performance-Lecture at Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (Science Center Berlin), 2010 (in print) and 2009 publications at transcript-verlag Bielefeld about practical voice anthropology, 2008 „study pur oprh I“ with Max Schneider (sound design) as part of „Klangspeicher“ (sound store) Singuhr-Hörgalerie at the grand water reservoir Berlin with Sam Auinger u.a., 2007 „Re-animation“  with Max Schneider (sound-design) and Xenia Fink (graphics, textile-design) as part of x-sounds at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse Berlin with Sabine Breitsameter u.a., 2006 „Ineinandergeschachtelt“ interpretation and recording of the score of Christoph Illing at the anechoic chamber of Technical University (TU) Berlin and Medienhaus of University of the Arts (UdK) Berlin, 2005 broadcasted recordings for SWR „Maschinenmensch“ by Georg Katzer, „Donaueschinger Tage für Neue Musik“ at „Rossinifestspiele Bad Wildbad Parktheater“ and „Seele im Wasser II“ UA by Hermann Keller at Konzerthaus Berlin.

Hannes Strobl

born 1966 bassplayer I composer I lives in berlin

starting point for his music is the soundbased potential on the electric bass. by combining advanced playing technics with electronic effects, a unique musical language is formed. works in various audio and audiovisual fields, like improvised music, electronica, soundscape, soundart and music for video/theater works.

In the last years an important focus on the instrument and the compositional activity, are musical forms in connection with our urban soundenvironment. with sam auinger he is the founder of the project „ tamtam “ – they realized works like: “ hometown “ (tuning the city festival berlin 2008, klangspuren 2007) „ farben berlin “,

(sonambiente berlin 2006) and had been nominated for the german soundart award 2008. together with dietmar offenhuber they found the artistgroup “stadtmusik “ with works for international festivals like the sundance festival 2008, international media art festival hong-kong 2008, media art biennal seoul 2006, nomination for the zkm media art award 2003.

“denseland ” is a new bandproject together with david moss and hanno leichtmann

collaborations with mit sam auinger, stefan betke (pole), tony buck, christof dienz, rupert huber, chris kondek, hanno leichtmann, michael moser,david moss, toshimaru nakamura, sainkho namtchylak, dietmar offenhuber, bruce odland, reynold reynods and many others

selected works and co-operations:

„money it came from out of space“ – theatermusic, directed by kondek/kühl, HAU berlin 2010 (DE) „winterreise – songs and places“, festspielhaus st.pölten 2010 (A) „everything No“ – tamtam, radiopiece, kunstardio 2010 (A) „die entführung aus dem serail“- theatermusic, directed by ulrich rasche, sophiensaele berlin 2010 (DE) „shanghai tamtam“ – tamtam, performance Shanghai eARTS 2009 (CHN)

„raumfarben 02 ” – tamtam, sound art installation, klangstaetten | stadtklaenge 2009 (DE) „seceret machines“ – music for the 3 channel installation by reynols reynolds, coma 2008 (DE) „denseland extended“ – performance, wundergrundfestival, kopenhagen 2008 (DN) „zurückbleiben bitte“ – stadtmusik, sundance festival 2008(US),sonar festival 2008 (SP) „hometown“- tamtam, performance, tunedcity festival berlin 2008 (DE), klangspuren 2007 (AT) „bewegte luft „ – tamtam, sound art installtion, landesmuseum innsbruck 2007 (AT)

„perfect speed“– kondek/strobl, video / soundinstallation ,tesla berlin 2007 (DE) „mauerpark“- tamtam / d.offenhuber – media art biennale seoul 2006 (KOR) „livingtypes compiler“- tamtam, music for dance, directed by jo fabian, berlin 2006 (DE) „farben berlin“ – tamtam, sound art installtion, sonambiente berlin 2006 (DE)

„hier ist der apparat“- theatermusic, directed by chris kondek, kunstenfestival brüssel 2006 (BE) „compositions for metaphysical function “- native instruments berlin 2004 (DE) „dead cat bounce” – theatermusic, directed by chris kondek schouwburg rotterdam 2004 (NL) „farben” – tamtam, sound art installation, innsbruck 2003 (AT)


„chunk“ – denseland (cd, mosz records 2010) „hear“, tony buck,toshimaru nakamura, hannes strobl (romm40, 20099 „nachtzug berlin“, hannes strobl, ( fabrique rec, 2008) “stadtmusik“-tamtam / d.offenhuber(dvd,limited edition,medienturm graz 2006) “number one“-remix,dienz zithered(cd,geco 2005) “dekalog”-tamtam (cd, theater freiburg 2003) “minimal distraction”-bassman (cd/lp fabrique rec.2003) “miles”-tamtam (ep, music for speakers 2002) “sometimes we love you truly”-paloma (cd, fabrique rec.2002) “somtetimes we love you truly”-paloma (ep, fabrique rec.2002) ”kitchen loop”-tamtam (complilation 2, music for speakers 2002) “doorpusher”-bassman (ep, fabrique records 2002) “funky bones”-paloma (ep, fabrique records 2002) “minimal distraction”-bassman (sampler “superfabrique”cd, fabrique records2002) “la mer”-paloma (sampler “superfabrique”cd, fabrique records2002) “out to lunch”-paloma (sampler”deliciuios tunes”cd, lp, automatique records 2001) “on the corner”-bassman (sampler”deliciuios tunes”cd, lp, automatique records 2001) “directions in music”-paloma (cd mehrwert records 2000) “dawn”- (cd no mans land 1998) “projections”-paloma (ep mehrwert records 1998) “luxury car”- paloma (single, bits and pieces 1996) “memetic flesh”- kroker&kroker, scanner, huber (cd, orf 1996)


If you are interested in booking “Winterreise Songs and Places”, request a DVD of the full piece or any questions please contact Victor Morales at


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